When Your Child’s Boy Friend Becomes Their Girl Friend

Raising My Rainbow

C.J. met Samuel about three years ago when Samuel was a boy named Samuel. Now, Samuel is a girl named Sophia.

Initially, C.J. and Samuel bonded over being boys who liked to be mermaids in water and princesses on land. They painted their nails together, celebrated birthdays together and put on fashion shows together.

“Samuel is more gender nonconforming than I am,” C.J. would point out to me privately. It was a fact that often caught him by surprise because he rarely met a boy who was more gender nonconforming than he was.

About this time last year, Samuel decided — once and for all — that he was not Samuel, he was Sophia.

I had emotional talks with Samuel’s mom. We’d both always known it was a possibility that our sons were transgender; but, thinking it could be so and having it be so are vastly different. Nothing prepares…

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Really gotta stop

I’ve really got to stop reading Homeschooling blogs. I believe one of the main reasons people homeschool is for control – and these moms have control coming outta their asses! Yeepers, ladies, let the kids breath once in awhile! But, of course, we wouldn’t want to teach them to think for themselves – that’ll lead to questioning and ideas and all sorts of “critical thinking” like the Texas Republican party wanted to make illegal in that lovely state. Next time Rick Perry mentions seceding – let him!

Are you battling?

One of the homeschooling sites I was visiting had a lot of history resources. Cool! I love history and though I wasn’t going to trust theirs without editing, I thought it might at least prompt some ideas.
Well, they also had a page of Purity books. Books to have your children read so that they may remain “pure.” One: Every Young Man’s Battle is reviewed in Amazon, and , of course, I HAD to check! Poor G. Smith … he titled his review “Good, but drags your mind through the gutter.” Here’s an excerpt: “”While containing helpful strategies and ideas, unfortunately the writers drag your mind through the gutter as they graphically discuss accounts of sexual discovery. One teenager I disciple recently told me this book actually caused him to stumble more, since it put new ideas in his mind! Parents and youth leaders should carefully screen this book because it can do more do more harm than good for certain teens.”
I laughed out loud at that one! C’mon, G. Smith!! Do you seriously think a teenage boy (or girl!) needs a book to get ideas from? The poor child, stumbling through (that’s a new one for wanking!) puberty … I shake my head in amazement, do they think that if teens had no tv, no magazines or books other than the Bible, that they would never “sin” in that “very special way”? Sorry to burst your bubble folks, but considering that Moses had to come down with some laws on it in ancient Israel and Nathanial Hawthorne wrote an entire book about frisky colonials, I don’t think your child is going to need anything new to get those hormones a-flowing!
Again a reminder of why I’m glad I’m atheist – I do miss Jesus or God sometimes, and still find myself talking to them, but I’m so glad to not have some random person telling me what’s right or wrong. I live my life morally and ethically and think I’m doing fine. 🙂

Homeschooling and me …

As the daughter of a public school teacher, mother of a future public school teacher, and, of course, public school teacher myself, I view homeschooling with a raised eyebrow of disdain. That said, I do use homeschooling webpages on occasion. Printables, ideas, etc. – the sharing in which all teachers partake. But I will also admit to a certain perverse pleasure when I use (quite often with lots of changes) an idea from a “Christian homeschooling” page. “Ha!,” I say to myself, “your idea, your printable is going to be used to educate the heathen masses!”

Just a fun thought!

okay …

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